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More Than Just Paint

I have been doing a lot of posts about painting the exterior of the Cross House.

On occasion, I have to remind myself why I am having my fifty-nine-year-old body climb up/down three stories to paint a massive 122-year-old house?

This is insane, actually.

But…but…there is no better way for me to acquaint myself with the exterior than doing what I am doing. I get to see every inch, even all the way to the tippy-top, and all up close. I literally touch every inch. As such, I become well acquainted with myriad problems which have gone unattended to for decades.

I have discovered flashing issues (fixed!) and cracks causing leaks (fixed) and rotted shingles (replaced!) and clogged downspouts (unclogged!) and scary amounts of missing mortar on the north chimney (now on the the To Do list!) and rotted window sills (repaired!) and endless small issues all needing attention if the Cross House is to survive for another century.

Moroever, had I not been doing the painting, I would never have discovered, for example, that five medallions were missing! Now replaced!


See the large window on the second-floor, to the left? See the bit of shingles under, unpainted? Note also how the shingles kinda sweep out?


To paint this area, I had my butt on the roof of the porch, and was scraping away all the old paint, when I found this oddity. One shingle was kinda pushed back, allowing a space between it and the adjacent shingle. Because these shingles sweep out, there is a void behind the shingles rather than a wall. So, creatures/bugs could get inside, and/or water, and cause Lord knows what kind of damage. I could have just caulked the hole. Then I realized that because this problem area was under the window sill, it would be easy to just remove the shingles and ascertain the problem. I was also worried that the issue might be caused by rot. WHAT was hiding behind the shingles?


So the shingles came off. Easy! And no rot! Whew! But it proved that the problem had been there from day one, when the one shingle was simply nailed in too much.


Problem fixed! I had to replace four shingles because they snapped in two while removing them. Old things are like that, as my body will testify.





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  1. I’m glad you actually did a post on the painting! On the previous post, I was actually going to ask why you preferred painting it rather than have someone come and paint it. I love information like this!

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