The Cross House

More Windows. DONE!

I am pleased to announce that the clear-glass windows to the second-floor round bedroom, and the hexagon bedroom, are all now finally done! This work is part of the 2017 Heritage Trust Fund Grant. The stained-glass windows in the hexagon bedroom were finished last year as part of the 2015 Heritage Grant. The stained-glass windows in the round bedroom are soon departing to be restored, as part of the 2017 Grant!


The stained glass windows of the dining room were finished last year as part of the 2015 Grant, as were the niche windows to the right. The clear-glass dining room windows, part of the 2017 Grant, are also at last finished!


The stained-glass windows of the long bedroom (left), and stair landing (right) were finished as part of the 2015 Grant.


All the parlor clear-glass windows will be done soon! And the sewing room clear-windows are in the shop for restoration!

At this point, about 80% of the 43 stained-glass windows are restored, and about 60% of the clear-glass windows are restored.

At the end of 2018, or soon into 2019, all the windows in the house should be restored!


3 Responses to More Windows. DONE!

  1. Moving along nicely, it really is amazing that the Cross House had 43 stained glass windows and the 43rd window will again take it’s rightful place. I feel lucky to have two stained glass windows. It’s wonderful that you have the grant money to do restoration. I wish all states were so generous when it comes to historic preservation.

  2. I adore stained glass windows. I still find it incredible that Cross house has so many. It must be such a lift to the spirits when you see them all so sparkly and jewel-like around the house. I can’t imagine how cool it feels to own such a gem of a house and to be bringing it back to life.

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