The Cross House

My Babies Are Back!

The stained-glass transom windows were removed form the Long Bedroom months ago to get restored, as part of the Heritage Grant work. They returned all pretty, but then their wood frames had to be restored. And it takes FOREVER for the glazing to dry.


The pitiful before. Oh! My poor babies!


The fabulous after. I love looking at such Before/After images.I think: Is this REALLY the same thing?


Back in place. And STUNNING!!!!!!!!


This is the only triple set in the house. This will be my bedroom, so I will get to gaze upon these beauties (my favorite stained-glass windows in the house) every morning.




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    • The sofa is by Thomasville.

      I spent many years looking for one. The, just after I purchased the Cross House, I found one! Two months later I found another one! So, now I have two in the house! The one in the Long Bedroom will not stay. I will likely shift it to the carriage house.

  1. Ross, what is your trick for such smooth glazing? Every time I reglaze one of my old windows, it always has at least a few waves or areas that aren’t even. Majorly frustrating…

      • You’ve written many times about reglazing but never said much about technique. For example, do you use glazier’s points or simply set the pane in the putty bed?

        • Hi, David!

          I did do a detail post at some point. You will likely come across it!

          In short: I set the glass in brown latex caulk, and then use glazing points.

          Then I glaze!

          After a few days, I carefully cut away the excess caulk on the inside of the glass.

          OIL BASE primer! OIL BASE gloss finish coats.

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