My Love Affair With…Downspouts?


To everybody BUT me, the above is not a thing of great beauty or worthy of adoration.

But I could not be more excited! This is one of my new downspouts!!!!!!! And look! WATER is coming out of it! WATER!!!!!!!

You see, the Cross House has not had downspouts for a very very very long time. And without downspouts, water pouring down through the built-in gutters just soaks the sides of the house, windows, foundation, and just everything. In a big rain it is like dipping the house in a huge bathtub. It just gets soaked.

All year it was painful watching this horror during a downpour. Me and my guys would just stare balefully, because we knew what we were seeing: destruction.

Because the destruction has been ongoing for decades, the damage has been done (rotted wood will just get more rotted) so I was not in a huge rush to get downspouts on STAT. Plus, I had no idea where to find the right downspouts. One just cannot get the right downspouts for an 1894 house at Home Depot.

I found them online of course but the shipping was, understandably, a scandal. I mean, a ten-foot-long box IS expensive to ship.

Ironically, I happened upon the right downspouts literally three blocks from the Cross House. Groh Roofing has been in business about as long as the Cross House has been in existence. I was there about other issue, and suddenly asked: “Can you get me those old-fashion round downspouts?”

I was led to the stockroom — whoee! — and there they were: dozens of old-fashion round downspouts and all their attendant fittings.

I walked out feeling as though I had won the lottery.

Within days the Cross House mostly had all its downspouts back.

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  1. scotdog98 on December 23, 2014 at 12:33 am

    What a Christmas miracle! Great news!

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