The Cross House

My Marriage Proposal!

Across the street from the Cross House is the incredible Plumb Place, which is…


…run by Jill, who wanted me to look at something. I replied: “I’ll be right over!”


Jill and I went upstairs and she showed me something which was a concern, and asked what she should do. I knew just the person who could help and texted her the contact number.

As we chatted my eye glanced at something which made my heart stop.




(Scroll way down…)



















ZOUNDS!!!!!!!! The Cross House would have had, almost certainly, two of these when built. Both long gone.
ZOUNDS!!!!!!!! The Cross House would have had, almost certainly, two of these when built. Both long gone.


I was gobsmacked. Intense yearning rose in my heart. I am pretty sure I was drooling.

I stared and stared at this object of great beauty. I caressed the smooth marble. I admired the shapely legs.

Yearning. Desire. L U S T!!!!!!!!

I turned back to Jill and said: “Wow. Weird. I just received a, ah, intuitive message!”

Jill looked at me curiously.

“Yea. And it said, ah, really clearly, that this vanity, umm, used to be in Cross House! But..but…it was STOLEN at some point! So, I think the right thing, ah, is for you to give it back!”

Jill looked at me, unimpressed. “No.”

Damn. Foiled!

I turned back to the vanity and resumed caressing. Another ingenious plan then popped into my head!

While gently, loving continuing my caresses, I looked at the marble vanity…and…proposed. “Would you marry me? And come home with me?”

I was desperate, man! Desperate!

Alas though, the vanity remained silent.

And so, with a heavy heart, I soon departed.





14 Responses to My Marriage Proposal!

  1. You sure caress a lot 🙂 Perhaps before proposing, you should have dated? lol visited once a week? Then Jill might have seen the intense connection you and the vanity had, and wouldn’t want to break that up…..slow steps, my dear.

    Could you have it recreated? or better yet – as with the curtains, have everyone try to source one/two for you!!

  2. Your paramour has a nice, albeit, bandy pair of legs. However she appears a little stiff and cold even. There you are: whispering sweet nothings and caressing, all for nothing. How unyielding this dame is. Better to give up. Who knows? Maybe soon a nice, friendly and accommodating clawfoot tub will show up who’ll be happier to go on a date or maybe even move in!

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