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My New Baby!

So, I came home around 5PM and went out to feed the yard kitties.

They were all acting strange. This is NOT a good sign.

I looked around and saw several cats around Flash, who was standing still.

With something in his mouth.

Something furry.


I calmly walked towards Flash. Then I yelled: FLASH! And Flash, startled, dropped the furry whatever and ran.

Nervously, i walked over to the tiny furry whatever.

It was a baby squirrel. And it was, amazingly, OK.


After checking the baby out, I placed it in a box. It seemed fine, but frozen in terror. I guess.


So, yea, shit.

WHAT was I to do with this baby? I know nothing about baby squirrels. I have never even seen a baby squirrel.

But, via the wonder of the internet, I soon learned a great deal. I dashed off to the store and purchased some recommended formula and came home to feed my new charge. The baby unfroze and hungrily drank. Soooooooooo cute. I teared up.

It is now about six hours after our first unexpected encounter and baby has been fed twice. Baby is nestled inside a bunch of ripped-up tissue in box, sitting atop a heating pad. The pad is under half the box so baby can self-regulate its temperature.

If baby lives through the night, I will call my vet first thing. The internet tells me that a animal rescue shelter is the best place for baby.

So, who knew that at sixty-one I would be a new daddy?


13 Responses to My New Baby!

  1. Oh he is gorgeous. I hope he survives so he can go live in a rescue home and eventually be released and go and do squirrelly things and live a happy life.

  2. I’ve raised several baby squirrels and they are a lot of fun, but time consuming. They need a lot of care, and once they get to the point where they are mostly self sufficient they need to be taught how to survive on their own outside. Hopefully your cat didn’t bite it, because cat bites cause bad infections on their prey. A rescue group is the best option for it because they can handle any complications.

  3. Poor squirrel. Thankfully you saved him. Yes, shelter best option. Never saw a baby one. Very cute. You are a truly a kind soul. Thank you.

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