The Cross House

My New Baby!

The octagon tower of the Cross House is to the left. Its finial was lost long ago and I had it recreated. To the right is the carriage house tower. It, too, lost its finial long ago. And I also had it recreated. Wanna see it? Scroll down…




























In the archival image it is difficult to tell exactly what the original finial looked like.

The original 1894 drawings were helpful, but could not be relied upon as so often what was drawn is not exactly what was built.

It appeared though that the original carriage house finial was a weathervane. How cool. But the estimates to recreate it were around $3500. Ouch. And particularly so for something not vital.

So, I came up with the above, much more affordable solution. The lower portion mimics the 1894 drawing. The tall spiral copies the same on the finial to the Cross House turret. So, I combined two finials into one.

W. F. Norman was, once again, a total delight to work with. It amazes me that such wondrous things can be created. It seems like magic.

Now, I have to find something else for them to do. Hummmm….I think I have an idea.


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    • The birds.

      But honestly, a flag gives you more information. It tells you not only what direction the wind is blowing, but how hard.

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