The Cross House

New Roof Cresting!

I’m sooooooooo excited! I installed some ornamental cresting on the ridge of the main roof!!!!!!!! See, like in the middle? Well, I was kinda drunk when I did it, so not all the bits are quite right, but I can climb back onto the roof when sober and reposition some. Anyway, I am sooooooooo excited!


In this
In this close-up, you can really appreciate more of the detail. Pretty cool cresting, right? I love it!





21 Responses to New Roof Cresting!

  1. Ummm….you were up on the roof, way up there while drinking??? We would like you to live to the end of this project!!!!

  2. Dang it! You got me! If it wasn’t for the other posters above, I wouldn’t have realized that those were birds.

    • !!!!!!

      I thought the second image would reveal that I was, as Rhonda put it, jesting.

      I was, of course, also jesting about being drunk on the roof! EEK!

      • I’m sure that you would never do such a thing!

        I took it too seriously because I work in a hospital (customer service) and I was a mental health tech in the Army. You’d be surprised how common it is for injuries to occur due to alcohol + home improvement or alcohol + hanging out on the roof.

  3. You can also appreciate just how much that finial dresses up the tower.

    I would add something clever here, but I cannot top the comments above.

  4. I once drove by a farmhouse with multiple roof peaks on various gables. It was pouring rain. There was a HUGE vulture on each roof peak. Totally freaked me out.

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