The Cross House

OK. So…maybe NOT fairies.

Yesterday, I did a post about finding five square corner blocks just sitting in the main floor bathroom. And I needed five such blocks. And none were from the bathroom.


It seemed like a miracle. Like fairies had blessed the house with an unexpected gift.

You see, I was missing ONE original corner block, but I needed FOUR more to properly finish some alterations I made.

So, to come across five corner blocks just astounded me.

But my amazement was to be — sigh — dashed.

Today I realized that I am not missing ONE original corner block, but rather FIVE.


On the second floor is the original housekeeper’s room. The previous owner, Bob, removed all the window trim and dip-tank stripped it. But…


…he did not reinstall the original corner blocks but instead installed plain blocks he made.


I have no idea why Bob did this.

But the four “extra” blocks I found were NOT gifts from fairies.


I so hate when fairies are not delighting me with gifts.



5 Responses to OK. So…maybe NOT fairies.

    • All the square blocks in the house were there when Bob had the house.

      He took a lot off and stored them in the Aladdin’s cave. It’s just taken me a while to figure out where they all went!

      I am guessing that he simply didn’t realize that he had removed the four blocks in the housekeeper’s room, and then mislaid them. So, he made new plain blocks.

      I will ask him next time I see him!

  1. Wait, what?! You mean there were not any actual fairies involved? But, seriously, I was confused because, in your original post, I didn’t realize you needed four blocks for NEW changes you had made. Now it makes sense!

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