The Cross House

Painting a Historic House…Historically. PART VII

So…………I got the original wall color wrong. It seems what I did in 2014 was to discover the second wall color. I just assumed that the lighter color under was primer. Oops. So, I asked Frank Welsh, who I retained to do the color analysis, if he could ascertain the second color. He could. Sorta. He wrote: “The evidence on the shingles for the 2nd finish is not terrific; it is yellowed due to the yellowing of the oil medium, etc. The closest color in Sherwin Williams fan deck is #6158, Sawdust.” You can see Sawdust above. Again, the color would not be entirely accurate. And it is not too far from I selected.


This, of course, are the colors I used. Want to see the 1894 version? Scroll way down but you better be sitting, and with a seat-belt on…




















EEK! EEK! This is sorta kinda vaguely what the house would have looked like originally. Sorta. Kelly, from Old House Dreams, sent me this colorized image. She could not do the first floor because of the shadows, but you get the idea. The upper color looks white but it wasn’t. More a very pale olive. But, again, you get the idea. Yep, EEK! NOTE: I have no idea what the second TRIM color was. The trim color as shown is the 1894 color, or very close to it.


The actual 1894 wall color.
The actual 1894 wall color.




9 Responses to Painting a Historic House…Historically. PART VII

  1. The things is, I really don’t like the lighter color. I think your choice of the second paint color looks SSSOOO much better.

  2. First thought: “Aww, that was so nice of Kelly to take the time to colorize that picture so we could get a better idea of what poor Ross is dealing with (I also devotedly follow OHD).”

    Second thought: “Holy crap, that is an ugly house!”

    Third thought: “The last picture shows the original color as more of a light olive, yet all the other samples appeared almost white. Why the huge difference? Lighting, perhaps?”

    Fourth thought: “I need a nap.”

    OK, ignore the last one. I’m all out of thoughts and just waiting rather impatiently to see what Ross does next.

  3. Two comments so far and they both agree that the lighter color is… not great. You should be very happy with what you have on the house. I think if you had gotten it “right” you may have hated it. I would have, anyway 😉

  4. I had the same idea as Kelly. Last night I was repainting your house in Photoshop and the results were terrible, as we can see.

    Do not feel bad about not using the original colour!! Original does not mean best!

  5. The actual photo of the house wearing the colors that you chose says “The MacTaggart Mansion”. The photo that Kelly created with the original, lighter color says “The MacTaggart Home For The Aged And Infirm”. Now that you can see that your choice is much better, you can hopefully move forward without reservation.

  6. If my house was that original color, I would repaint it, too.

    I wish there was a way to ascertain how long the house was those lighter colors. Because I get the feelings the answer is: NOT VERY.

  7. Ross sorry to go off topic but I would really like to know about those three arched windows. Was it a pure design feature to have the middle window just half or was there a reason for it? It just seems so natural that it would of matched the other two. Appreciate it, thanks.

  8. Much prefer the color you chose to use. It makes the details pop much more than the lighter color. Like someone said above, the house would not have stayed the lighter color long because it doesn’t look “right”.

  9. Susan Cross would have instantly gagged at that color scheme. I have no doubt at all that the color you chose is what she would have demanded and received.

    Time to calm down, Ross. You chose wisely.

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