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Petite & Skinny

Today, the restored sashes for the first-floor bathroom were installed!


The sashes are unlike any in the house. They are not large, quite thin, and high up (higher than my head while inside the bathroom).

Normally, I install restored sashes after the surrounding area is painted and restored, so it’s odd seeing these gorgeous windows surrounded by less-than-perfect trim and walls.

The sashes are part of the 2017 Heritage Trust Fund grant. Thank you!!!!!!!!



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  1. I went prowling back through the photos to see if I could find a photo of the windows. And there they are — on the south side of the house, tucked under the porte cochere. I’m not sure I’ve ever noticed them before, but I will definitely look for them the next time I visit the house. They are looking good!

  2. Hmm. I have a couple of old storm windows that hang fixed and are locked in place outside the sash windows. They each have a brace on one side, allowing them to tilt out slightly, for fresh air on a warmer winter day.

    Maybe these bathroom windows similarly hang fixed, high up for privacy but are able to tilt inward, to let out bath steam. If so, there would at least need to be some kind of hardware at the top, hook or pin hinge, something to keep it hanging but movable.

    They do have an interesting look – I like them. 🌻

  3. Wow – what a feature! Of course, they would have exterior storm windows for winter and screens in summer. 😒 Oh, how well I know that seasonal changing ritual.

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