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Polka Dot Craziness!

You will, no doubt, think me quite mad but I added this pillow to the parlor.


But it actually looks OK!




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  1. At first I thought maybe the heat had gotten to you! LOL. But you are right, it is perfect. I just get mesmerised by how your color scheme makes the turquoise blue in the windows pop…

  2. I love it!! One piece of fabric that can pull in all of the color of a room, actually makes the room. It will never outshine the stained glass… that is what truly ties the room.
    But as an addition, it’s awesome!

  3. Hey, Ross, are you living in the house yet? I don’t think you’ve ever mentioned, although I’m sure you would have.

  4. I think the 2 lamps distract from the windows. Not liking the pillow either, but like Sandra said it is your house and we are only visitors.

    • Hi Gabi,

      Photographs are a poor way of judging a room.

      Being in the parlor is a 3-dimensional experience. The eye picks up that the white floor lamps complement the white round table which complements the large white-framed art on the wall; all of which complement the white shelves in the adjacent library. All this is obvious in person, and what may seem odd in an image takes on new meaning in actuality.

      Also, scale is not conveyed in an image. The room is much larger in person, and there is plenty of space between the lamps and the windows. The large bay window dominates the room; the lamps are but a trifling!

  5. If it were me, I would have one zebra pillow on each of the two striped chairs, and on the sofa I would have the polka dot, the cream, and the turquoise pillows. Having said that, I freely admit that I am not a decorator.

    I always find it interesting and educational to read your thought process, and so am wondering, if you have a moment, if you would tell us the whys and wherefores of your placement of the pillows.

  6. I love the polka-dot pillow! Something about the pillow’s colors makes all the other colors in the room really pop. 🙂

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