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Porch Ceiling. Part II

I retained Zac to develop more photo-shop images. This image shows the porch ceiling the same color as the north chimney, which Zac cleverly included IN the image (left)! Also, I asked Zac to “paint” the porch lintel black, as opposed to a black pinstripe.


Here, the ceiling is a salmony color as per Patricia’s suggestion. With a black lintel.


Another salmon color. Black pinstripe.


Yesterday, Kizilod surprised me, delightfully so, with this photo-shopped image. The ceiling is painted gray, like the background of the gable above. I really like this! Very elegant and subtle.


I think of this as Zac Blue, and I was leaning most toward this.


Sadly, in all these iterations, I was never able to “see” Eric’s #1 proposal.




9 Responses to Porch Ceiling. Part II

  1. I wanna see Toasty! Of the ones pictured, I like the grey best followed by the Zach blue, and I think I like the pinstripe better. The salmon ones seem too pink to me, although I like the second one better. Finally, because I have too much time on my hands, I actually went to the Sherwin Williams website myself! #6331, Smoky Salmon is less “pink.” Also possibly #2854, Caribbean Coral is one of their historic colors and is a little like Toasty.
    Also in their historic color section, #2831, Classical Gold if you aren’t already sick of gold. Now even I’m obsessing over porch colors!

  2. Of all the images shown thus far, I am most engaged by the ceiling being shown as the same color as the chimney. On my monitor, it leans towards plum. An elegant color scheme, using complimentary colors.

  3. I LOVE the blue. The salmon is lovely as well. Must say, I am not a fan of the black lintel, it separates it too much from the cornice, an makes the cornice appear to be floating without a base.

  4. Porch ceilings were often blue because it helps keep flies and other bugs from congregating, from what the legend is. I don’t know if there is any scientific evidence to support that, but I do know there are not a lot of bugs hanging out on mine.

  5. I really like the blue, or either of the salmon options. I dislike the color-match to the chimney- the coolness of it does not lend itself well to the warm olive tones. Also, I’m leaning more toward a bold, black lintel instead of the pinstripe. But they’re both lovely.

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