Porch railings and lattice, oh my!


Recently, Mike was asking about the missing porch railings and missing lattice. In this 1895 image, you can appreciate their importance to the overall composition, and I am breathless with anticipation as to their return. I had new railings made last year, precisely matching the decayed original rails. The new rails have been stored in the basement. This month I expect a shipment of new spindles! These also match the decayed originals. So, the railings will reappear…soon. If finances afford, the lattice will also reappear this year. At the very least I am going to try and get the straight one to the right of the stairs made. (Courtesy Walter Anderson Collection, ESU Archives.)



You can appreciate how denuded the porch looks without its rails and lattice. Oh, the horror! The horror!



The 1894 railing and lattice are in situ on the north porch. As part of painting the Great North Wall this year, this view should be quite transformed by the end of 2016. The railing will be restored, and missing spindles replaced. The lattice is too far gone, and I had it replicated in 2014 (and stored ever since).




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  1. MikeE on May 4, 2016 at 5:10 pm

    It just occurred to me that the stained glass on the front must look great in the hour before sunset. We have a beautiful stained glass window in our staircase, but it is on the north side of the house so never gets direct sunlight.

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