The Cross House

Pretty Round Things

The round window to the Cross House telephone closet. Last month I reinstalled the restored stained-glass. Of late, I have been working on restoring/repairing/replacing the damaged siding surrounding the window.


You see what I mean. There is a limit to what my delicate sensibilities can endure.


Oh my! I need smelling salts!


Quick! My smelling salts!


Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I feel SO much better!


It is amazing how much better the stained-glass looks! It really POPS now!


I find such work deeply, powerfully satisfying.

To take something which was once beautiful, but over the many decades had been worn by time and obscured by uncaring paint jobs, and bring it back to its true glory, is, well, a real thrill.

As the Cross House abounds with so many such situations, I expect to be thrilled for many years to come!



7 Responses to Pretty Round Things

  1. WoW! The surrounding paint colors really set the window off! I’m drooling on my keyboard… Thanks for making my day!

  2. Looking great! I very much share your enjoyment of refreshing old siding and trim. The precise beauty of wood just isn’t matched by any of its imitators.

  3. What is it about the telephone closet that really gets me? This may be my favorite part of the house. Thank you for treating the least as the best. It’ s gorgeous. It’s perfect. If I were there for a big to do, I would hide there.

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