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Repairs Commence!


Last week, activating the radiator system after years of being dormant offered a surprise. An unwelcome surprise: water coming through the ONE finished ceiling in the whole house. I climbed up a ladder and started frantically cutting holes in the ceiling to ascertain the cause. Britt (L) and Justin (R) are holding me.


Three holes. And ruined sheetrock seams cut out. This seems the extant of the damage. For days I have kept a powerful fan pointed up at the ceiling. As of today, there is no evidence of mold or sagging sheetrock. So, there is this bit of good news.


Today, I began the process of repair, by filling the holes, and infilling everything with rock hard water putty. Tomorrow, I will mud and tape everything.


I am SO not looking forward to recreating all the hand-painted work. Sigh.

I am not even certain the new work will match the older work.

Pray for the ceiling.



5 Responses to Repairs Commence!

  1. I’ll pray for the ceiling. But i’ll pray for you, too. And I’ll bring wine on my next trip. I’m currently at home with a blizzard heading my general direction, grateful for warmth and light and a stash of uneaten holiday chocolate. Sending warm thoughts in your general direction, my friend.

  2. Your post left me crestfallen. But, if anyone can make the damage disappear, it’s you! You are a brave man. Thank you for allowing myself (and many others) to live vicariously through you.

  3. Well, at least you know someone good in the restoration department. . .

    I am sure you will work your usual miracle. Sorry in the meantime – what a pain!

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