The Cross House

Returning to Life


How to bring a long dead column back to life.




Prime. Paint. Replace missing trim above capital. Endlessly fuss with highly damaged base. Love. Lots of love.


I also still need to get the column straight. It leans to the right. And I’m, ahh, really unhappy with a right lean.


13 Responses to Returning to Life

  1. I understand your concern about the right lean, but what really has me worried is the ginormous spider lurking on the block of wood above the capital in the last photo.

  2. Took me a second to realize the “right lean” I too would be annoyed at a right lean. It looks beautiful though Ross!

  3. Looking good! Is the lean due to the top shifting, or bottom creeping over? It seems the top would be nailed in to the header, but I could see the bottom “walking” over ever so gradually due to expansion/contraction of the wood under the right conditions.

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