The Cross House


This is what the corner blocks look like in the Cross House although most are not, luckily, caked with white paint. I am missing some, so have had a eBay search for about a year now, with daily emails about new blocks being listed. Well, I finally scored…


…with six of these. They are not an exact match but pretty close, so I will need to use them in an area where the mis-match will not be obvious. It will be fun discovering what is under all the paint!



9 Responses to Score!

  1. I just love the details in old woodwork. That small flower will be tedious to strip, but well worth it. Can’t wait to see the results.

  2. Really nice score! Close enough for government work. hell you could put in mitered corners and they’d be close enough for this administration. In reality I think that they are a really good alternative since you never took me up on my offer to make ones that would match the originals.

    • I wrote this last night and upon rereading it today think it sounds passive aggressive. If so, it was not made so consciously. I apologize.

  3. With an even six, there is probably some smaller place where you could use them all in the one location and use what is there now to match in the another more suitable location? 90% of us would not notice the difference as the center is so close. Yes, a definite score!

  4. Good find! Hopefully the difference won’t be noticeable. Those look a bit beat up but, it will be interesting to see what’s under all that paint! 🌻

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