The Cross House

5 Responses to Slowly going from Coral to Lavender

  1. When you ran this by us the first time, I wasn’t sold. I am now, though. By contrast, the coral is much too loud and obnoxious. Lavender is much more elegant and refined. It pulls the other colors together a little better.

    You definitely need a period porch ceiling fixture. You know, one of those pretty cast iron, leafy numbers with a cylinder shade 😉

    • Thank you, Cody!

      Yes, the coral was never quite right. I really like the lavender.

      And, it seems you missed my post a while back where I discovered that the Cross House main porch did NOT have any lighting originally! Thus, I plan no lights for the porch.

  2. Ooh, the more you paint, the more I see the difference. I like that you’re always thinking and adjusting and playing with the colors. It gives me permission to do the same thing in my house, rather than feeling stuck and afraid to start until everything is perfect in what I’m envisioning. I hope that’s in the Design God book.

  3. I like the lavender better as well. Although it looks like terra cotta to me. Maybe it’s just the lighting. Either way, I like it.

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