The Cross House

Small Bits

On the turret, people have over the years hammered flat-head nails into the siding.


Oh dear.
Oh dear.


I pulled out all the flat-head nails, hammered in galvanized finish nails instead, and filled the holes and cracks with Gorilla glue, and wood filler.


And the house is now much happier!





7 Responses to Small Bits

  1. Looks great! How does the gorilla glue hold up compared to waterproof wood glue? The expansive properties help it fill open cracks, right?

    I’ve always tried to patch as many of the original clapboards as I can on my house too. When they resided with the asbestos, they removed all the 5/4 corner trim and drip edges, and in the process split and cracked a lot of clapboards. Most of the splits are still clean, so I’ve glued up with Titebond 3, using small wire nails as necessary to hold the pieces together. After it’s cured, I re-nail the siding, finish sanding, treat, prime, caulk, and paint.

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