…so…maybe not THIS shade of blue? PART 2.

This blog is not even a year old.

And one of the things I really LOVE about having a blog is OPC*.

*OPC: Other People’s Comments.

Today, I did a post about what-to-paint the 1894 library of the Cross House.

I was flaberagasted that within an hour I had numerous comments. THIS IS SO COOL!

One comment was sent to me by Kelly, whom I truly ADORE. Kelly runs my favorite blog, and she sent me the following, privately.




Kelly photoshopped this. The blue perfectly complements the stained-glass windows.


hg ry

And Kelly photoshopped this, too. And THIS is the color I Iusted after for the library: Tiffany Blue.


IMPORTANT CONSIDERATION: The wood trim is currently quite dark. It will not be in a few weeks, after I restore the original finish, which will look like this:



How. The. Trim. Will. Look. Soon. This is the original 1894 finish.


So, while I was earlier concerned that Tiffany Blue was perhaps NOT the ideal choice for the library, now I am, again, leaning towards this color. Maybe. I know Tiffany Blue is kinda discordant, but in my long experience I find The Discordant makes all the difference between So-So and Vital.

I acknowledge that the above statement does not make sense, but I will later explain it.

In the meantime though, I would like to state: Kelly, I know you are married and everything, but I hope you do mind mind, terribly, if I publicly state: I LOVE U!


NOTE: In my previous post, Melody also kindly photoshopped the blue. Thank you, Melody!!!!!!!!

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  1. Amy K. on March 16, 2015 at 9:37 pm

    The great thing about paint is that it’s pretty easy to change the color if you decide it’s not right. Some stores will even exchange paint that you don’t like (with certain fine print, of course). Go with the Tiffany first. If it does work, it doesn’t work and you can try again. Don’t go with a somewhat lackluster color you have no affinity to.

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