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Sobering Up My Drunk Door


This is the second floor landing. EVERYTHING you see is crooked. The balustrade droops. Each door droops to the right. The whole wall has sagged. I call this the drunk wall. The cause off all this has been rectified with a stout beam under, so it was finally time to sober things up. I started with the crooked door frame on the right.


Which is now — whoee!!!!!!!! — level. This is not readily obvious in the image but is so in person. And the change delights me. The blue tape is holding some bits of trim that split, and been glued.


This is inside the Round Bedroom. The only thing level is the door frame. You can see how much the header dropped. Wow. The door was cut to conform to the sagging. I will install a sliver atop the door. Later, when a faux artist is doing other work in the house, I will have them paint the sliver to match the faux wood finish on the door. Up next is the drunk door to the Hexagon Bedroom!






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  1. For some reason, I initially read that title as, “Sobering Up My Drunk Neighbor,” and I was like… MAN. Is there NOTHING this man can’t do?!

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