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Yesterday, I posted my first attempt at stenciling. Among other issues, I was concerned that the stencils were more intense than I wanted.


Today, with PK’s help, I was able to “fade” the stencils.


So….I should be happy, right?


While I wanted faded stencils, now that I look back/forth between the two images I think I prefer the “unfaded” version!

Yep, I am a nut!

I may feel differently tomorrow.

Some new supplies/colors have been ordered (gold! Blue!) but will not arrive for a week, so I have time to ponder ponder ponder.

I suspect that the end result will be something in the middle of the two images.








11 Responses to Stencilling…UPDATE

  1. Thank you for sharing your creative process! I love the stencils and am excited to see what happens next. I like how the metallic colors pick up the wood tones. Beautiful.

  2. I, too, have to vote for “unfaded”. The color of the wood door and moldings is so rich that it and the bold colors of the stencils hold their own with each other. Whatever, you decide, it’s gonna’ look great!

  3. Take advantage of the delay caused by waiting for more supplies to work on other areas of the house. Sometimes walking away for a few days allows our brains to reboot, and then come back for a more objective perspective.

  4. For what it’s worth, I think I like the “unfaded” version the best. The faded version seems to be too faded. Is it possible to just fade it a little? What does pk think? You and her are the experts, but, at the end of the day, I’m sure whatever you decide will look beautiful.

  5. I vote for the middle ground…the faded seems to enhance the silver while the copper is more interesting and complimentary to the woodwork… I love how you are not afraid to open your ideas up for critique…

  6. Now remember everything else in the room too. You don’t want too much of everything to stand out. What is going to be your focal point, your furniture, the stainglass windows, the color on the walls, the stenciling. All these together all being bold in their own right will clash when all put together. I do not know what your design outcome is, only you know. But realize the faded look on the wall might be better due to everything else in the room. Yes the walls will be a great piece to the whole but you don’t want everything to stand out. Sometimes subtlety is just perfect. I think the faded look is best. You still see the beauty and colors of the stencils but not overpowering taking away from or clashing with other parts of your decor and design scheme for the whole room. My honest opinion. Do what makes you happy. Just thought to throw that idea out to you because you really are the only one who knows the design of you room.
    Mary from Georgia

  7. Somehow this reminds me of my grandmother’s approach to decorating her living room. The woodwork was painted green and the walls were white except one wall that had molding strips to look like paneling and was painted the trim color. She made my grandfather custom mix the paint color as none of the standard colors were what she wanted, and she made him paint the whole wall every time until he got the color right since she couldn’t judge it by a patch. Under the paint was textured wallpaper (which the builder applied directly to the drywall so it could never come off) but on that green wall you couldn’t see the texture anymore.

  8. How about some stencils faded and some not? Random pops of brilliance? It would fit in with the random placement and random upside down theme. Whatever you choose, happy stenciling!

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