The Cross House


A year ago I did an over-the-top post about my imminent plan to scale the great north facade of the Cross House, and GET IT PAINTED. However, life intervened, and I never did scale the great north facade. This proved a major mistake. A major mistake that I vowed not to repeat in 2016.


So, guess what I did today? I climbed up three-stories of scaffolding erected a year ago and STARTED ON THE GREAT NORTH FACADE!!!!!!!! Oh, and it is really cool seeing the tippy-top of the house up close!



7 Responses to STORMING THE CASTLE……….redux.

  1. I agree that it is so cool to see the very top of your house up close and personal… but I am so so glad that that was last year for me! Seeing that pic makes my stomach churn!

  2. Wonderful news! Be careful up there! I bet that you are thrilled to be able to get at The Great North Facade! You are so lucky with your weather – it snowed here again yesterday – ARGH! It’s in the 20’s and I’m still wearing my winter coat,and mittens.

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