The Cross House

The Butler’s Pantry: Lighted!

Today, I hung an almost-period-correct gas/electric pendant in the butler’s pantry! (The missing door is being refinished.)


The pendant is a bit later than the 1894 Cross House, I think, but it is gas/electric (as the house had originally), and is also of a type which might have been in the pantry originally: simple.

The shades are, I think, a bit too fancy, and I am on the search for something plainer.

The gas arm has never been converted so I just have a single bulb for light. There might have been a gas/electric sconce over the sink counter, and I will do some sleuthing to ascertain if one did, in fact, exist.

Anyway, a minute squee moment today!



13 Responses to The Butler’s Pantry: Lighted!

  1. Do all the doors clear? I know that’s a “duh” thing to ask, but it really doesn’t look like they do in the photo.

    That fixture is woof city! I’m in lust.

  2. So, my personal taste runs a bit toward a cleaner line but I have to say, that is one sexy fixture. 💙 Of course, it is perfect for the space. I suppose simple or plain shades would be more appropriate for such a utilitarian space but … surly, the kitchen staff are allowed a little fantasy. 😉

  3. I have to agree with Cody H…Tiles must go. But one thing at a time. And Claudia asked a great question, do you know how many servants there were?
    I do like the light and I like the shades, I’m not so sure they are too fancy. This is the Cross house after all.

  4. Next time your down I’d love to have you help me light my gas fixtures. I’ve never attempted in fear of blowing the house up. I’ll wait outside incase someone needs to call the fire department. That fixture in your butlers looks great. I know it’s not original but HD sells remote control battery operated under cabinet lights you wouldn’t need to wire and would really make the glass cabinets sparkle.

  5. The light fixture is so graceful and pretty. So what if the shades are a bit too fancy for a butler’s pantry,they look beautiful.

  6. The upper area in that beautiful cabinet are so high! How gorgeous would some vintage colored decanters be in that spot.?. It has been a pleasure keeping up with your restoration progress. And the cat fencing.

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