The Cross House

The Cross House…in Country Living!

Elizabeth Finkelstein created Circa Old Houses, and she just wrote the above article for Country Living! You might recognize the house in the image!


I love reading old house blogs, and already have bookmarked six of the eight blogs Elizabeth recommends. I did not know about the Chateau de Gudanes Restoration and A Farmhouse Reborn, so look forward to digging into these blogs.

It is a honor (and thrill!) to have Elizabeth include the Cross House on her select list. Thanks, Elizabeth!

Oh, Elizabeth previously posted a YouTube interview with me! If you have not yet watched it, here it is.

Now go out and buy that fixer-upper, already!




7 Responses to The Cross House…in Country Living!

  1. I was also excited for you and Amy to be on here, and for the new reading material. I happened to notice that the Danville kitchen was designed as a tribute to Philly’s most underrated architect and this was crazy exciting.

  2. Congratulations to you!

    I hope a new group of readers finds you as inspiring as I do!

    I haven’t gone to check, but I’m sure you’re the only one without ads running on their page. In fact I think this is the only website I frequent without ads! I think you should consider it.

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