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The Great Cleansing: DAY 2

DAY 1: Yesterday I did a post about removing the mildew from the main porch ceiling. In about 15 minutes I did this. My thought was to do a bit every day. Just a bit. Every day. So, without SEEMING like much work, in a month maybe the ceiling should be clean.


DAY 2:
DAY 2: A bit more done. Whoee!


You can appreciate what I am up against. The porch is L-shaped, and if you walk around the corner…


...things get really scary.
…things get really scary. But, just a bit. Every day. (That is the carriage house to the right.)





2 Responses to The Great Cleansing: DAY 2

  1. Just in case you’ve still got more to do, Clorox Outdoor bleach is the absolute bomb! Living in the humid south, that’s about a year’s mold if I don’t stay on top of it- it’s one of those chores that there’s just no getting around doing here.

  2. That is the way I do projects too. For example, I wash my own windows in my 5000 square foot house (all upstairs windows are accessible due to balconies), but not all at once. When the need to wash them rolls around about twice a year, I start doing one window a day in the midst of the rest of my life (4 kids, etc) until it’s done!

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