The Cross House


Today, work resumed on painting the exterior! SQUEE!!!!!!!! First priority is the huge curved metal cornice! I extended the scaffolding up higher than pictured, and added railings all around. 


Then, on the decorative swirls, I scraped off the old chunks of paint. I will use a disk sander on the flat areas of the cornice, which will necessitate getting into the dread Tyvek suit and mask. Pray for me.



8 Responses to THE NE CORNER BEGINS!

  1. Ross,
    They make those suits in a clothlike product too. The Tyvek ones are like wearing a Hefty sack. If you don’t need one with a hood, I’ll send you a couple. Wonderful progress!
    Best regards,

  2. This coming few days is “supposed” to be in the 80s rather than the 90s. But starting the weekend – utterly hellish high 90s & beyond. 😒 Kansas.
    Try to do the really evil stuff early while it’s relatively cool & you should be ok.
    As always: stay safe & HYDRATE! 🌻

  3. After reading about the death defying roof-in-a-rainstorm adventure, my biggest concern was the missing downspout pipe.

    Historically, we’ve read Ross is far more responsible concerning heat. Not enough brain or energy to search for the post where just reading about him going in and out through a window (to take breaks and cool off) was exhausting!

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