The Cross House

6 Responses to The NE Corner. The First-Floor has been Breached!

  1. It’s actually amazing looking back how far this house has come from the brink. Your dedication and attention to detail is amazing, and I love how true you are trying to stay to the original design. It’s not something youll see all that often with older homes, so I naturally love this blog. Keep up the good work!

  2. I know it’s probably just me but, I am SO relieved to see that odd east door become it’s respectable, true self: a window.

    I realize the house had been split up into different things at different times but for me, that door simply did not belong there. It didn’t make sense – it just hung out there, like an escape hatch.
    Seeing the after-thought door become a well placed window and bit by bit, seeing the paint go on, like new skin covering scars, the house becomes whole. After so many years of being several different things, it slowly becomes itself, it makes sense again. It becomes a home.

    I envision you in a few years Ross, sleepily trundling down to the kitchen on a chilly morning, in search of coffee & toast. Warming your fingers on your favorite cup, you pick up another slice of toast and quietly munch while the coffee wakes up a few more brain cells. Stretching your legs, you slowly meander through the kitchen and the butler’s pantry and on into the dining room. At the end of the room, soft sunlight filters through the east window and you sit at the sunny end of the table. It’s February and the days are finally getting longer. In the quiet morning as you contemplate time itself, you are struck by the difference between the years it took you to get here, and the years it took this house to get here.

    Time is just another drop in the bucket. 🌻

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