The Cross House

The NE Corner

The NE corner before work began!


And today a section of cornice was painted! It is a thrill to see the green color RETURN around the corner!


The cornice had be be smoothed to bare metal with a disk sander (ugh!) and then primed. Then all the areas where the scrollwork did not quite touch the flat surface were carefully caulked so the finished results look solid.


The effort is worth it! 


15 Responses to The NE Corner

  1. Looking great! The little details like caulking the gaps really make the difference in it looking so polished when it’s all done.

      • OH, no. I sense a feeling of starting again on the front? Ross, your fastidiousness is amazing, but you will never finish if you keep returning to things already done. I do understand the attention to detail though. Your lack of frustration amazes me. It is not a talent that I have.

  2. Just top notch! Taking the time to caulk is the best thing. The little details that we dont really see but yet make all the difference! Just fantastic.

  3. Oh yes – all smooth & painted, the scrollwork looks much more substantial. Just going from the chalky white to an actual color, makes a massive difference.
    Oooh … I see a round window in your future, Ross. It’s just around the corner. 😉

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