The Cross House

The Red Door…Returned

A while back I did a post about the Red Door.

The exterior door was in the dining room, facing east.

The door was not original to the room. Its opening had originally been a window.

In my previous Red Door post I wrote about the head-scratching adventure Justin and I had in trying to ascertain where the Red Door had originally been in the house. For some time I thought it was originally the inner vestibule door for the south entry, which was missing.

But Justin and discovered that it did not fit.

Huh? What?

WHERE then had it been?

After much comedic ado, we discovered it had originally been the OUTER door to the south vestibule. Oh!

And what was now the outer door, had originally been the INNER door. Oh!


The Red Door in its not original location. The opening has now been restored…


…to a window, as it was originally. There is a stained-glass transom window. And the Red Door…


…is now back where it was originally, at the south entry. The modern screen door is not long for the world.


Sadly, the door was cut. This will be repaired. Justin though suggested leaving it as is. “A cat door!” I replied: “For what? SIX cats simultaneously?”


And the door which, a few months back, I had no reason to think had not ALWAYS been the outer door, has been returned to it rightful identity as the inner door. It fitted perfectly. I was so excited by this that I kept opening and closing it, with a big silly grin across my face. I said to Justin: “Wanna try?” He did. With a big silly grin.


And so, once agin, in a tiny tiny tiny way, something not-quite-right about the world has been made better.




11 Responses to The Red Door…Returned

  1. Let us all join you, Ross and Justin, in making this world a better place, tiny bit at a time, as we can. Amen.

    • And I was just thinking, that yellow glass probably picked up the gold in the original wallpaper very well!! Genius!

  2. With daily destruction across the country of historic buildings, every step you take to restore the Cross House IS making the world a better place. One step at a time!

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