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THE RETURN: Sewing Room Stained-Glass!

Recently, I did a blog post about the restoration of the stained-glass transom windows in the sewing room.

While the stained-glass panels were restored, their wood sashes also needed to be restored. This meant removing the many layers of old shellac on the inside, and sanding the outside down to bare wood. Then, the stained-glass panels were re-set in the sashes, and glazed. After the glazing dried, the outside was painted with an oil-based primer, and two coats of black oil-based paint.

And, after much ado…


The sewing room denuded of pretty glass. Denuded!!!!!!!! That is the carriage house in the background.


The sewing room with pretty glass again! The stained-glass to the far RIGHT is still at Hoefer Stained Glass, as it is being duplicated so the missing stained-glass transom on the far LEFT can be recreated and installed. This panel is the only one which has gone missing over the last 124-years. Remarkable. 


This work is part of the 2017 Heritage Trust Grant. It is almost impossible to exactly match old glass, and you can see the replacement glass. I am OK with this as the history of the window is evident.


Sooooooo pretty!



6 Responses to THE RETURN: Sewing Room Stained-Glass!

  1. Beautiful & wondrous to have the stained glass back in the sewing room! It is remarkable that only 1 stained glass window was missing–over 124 years! Your work in restoring each & every window is well worth it — wondrous results–crisp!

  2. Ross, the Carriage House has always intrigued me. I read all the postings quite a ways back and thought work had progressed further than what I’m seeing in the picture above. Can u give an update on the Carriage House and perhaps a few pictures? What became of the kitchen?

  3. So remarkable. I celebrate your good craftsmanship. Such work is so underestimated these days. This is such a thrill for me. Having lived at 526 Union in the 70s, and featured in a previous post here, I am humbled to be included, Ross.

    You know how to make things right. I love your philosophy of a working life! Pure poetry!

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