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The Screen Doors. PART II.

Yesterday, I did a post about the long-lost west screen doors returning to the Cross House. Here, Kenny is inspecting the doors.


But, I forgot to take an image of the hinges! Sorry, Bo! The hinges are huge and impressive. They are spring-loaded, meaning that the doors are self-closing. The first-floor powder room has the same hinges. Sadly though, I am unsure if the screen door hinges actually work. The one pictured appears to be missing its inner spring.


Only one appears intact. Does it work?


The doors are in poor condition. Besides the condition of the hinges, there are missing sections of wood, and the outer veneer (oak?) has delaminated, well, a lot overall.

The doors need to go to Dr. Doug for renewal. STAT!




7 Responses to The Screen Doors. PART II.

  1. I believe that the springs in the hinges can be replaced. The little holes in the top of the pin look to me like they can be used to adjust the tension. I think that the tension on each spring can have a narrow screwdriver inserted as a temporary tensioning handle.

  2. The hinges seem similar to Chicago Spring Hinge Company’s products–My dining room doors that use a set that could be cousins. Look at these.

  3. I’m very surprised to see that the screen on the left door hasn’t been ripped after 124 years, nowadays you see screen doors from the 60’s with giant holes in them.

  4. Hmmm… Sorry to learn that the doors need more than refinishing. However, they are still incredible and when restored will give the house an authenticity not often seen today; their quality and rarity make them well worth the effort!

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