The Cross House

The White House

To my shock, it snowed today! ALL day! 


It was 34 degrees, so the snow wasn’t frozen. It was thick and fluffy. That is the carriage house. The poor dear.


Because all roads and sidewalks were warmer than the snow. they remained clear of snow. But everything else looked like it had been covered by blown-on cotton.

It was beautiful.




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  1. Beautiful! I love the first snow of the year. The thick and fluffy snow is always the prettiest. I live in northeast Missouri and it snowed here too, but only a dusting.

  2. In the first picture, the eaves of the dining room and library look like the eaves of the main roof continue behind the towers, like an optical illusion.

    Do you think the architect anticipated this? Looks neat!

  3. Wow that is beautiful. So what is happening to the carriage house, I seem to remember you used it for storage and then was getting ready to rent it out?

    • Hi, Linda!

      The carriage house is a huge project. It’s a 5-bedroom house! It only looks small in comparison to the massive Cross House!

      It is now moth-balled. My plan is to focus on it after the exterior of the Cross House is completed in 2019.

      • -I just wanted to say that I admire your focus. You have got such a good sense of what your priorities are without needing to stick to a plan that isn’t working. To my eye, having read your entire blog at least twice, in the early days, you were wanting more to be done faster. As you have developed your blogging style, you have shared with us how you have moved projects like the carriage house renovation off of the front burner. The idea of a “quick” reno on it in order to generate rental income seems to come up against the reality of the time requirements of the main house. There must have been a time when you looked at the carriage house and had to say, yet again, “No. No. No, no, NO!” as you posted on July 7, 2018. I suspect that the amazing interactions with your blog followers has, and will continue to, helped refine the priorities that you place on all of your interests. It is really great that you have the ability to take in all of the input while making the decisions that are uniquely yours.

  4. Hi Ross,
    -I love being able to go “Walking in a Winter Wonderland” without having to shovel snow or deal with any of the less pleasant aspects of a snow storm. This post is the kind that makes me really appreciate your style. With all that you have going on, you take the time to not only enjoy, but to share the simple pleasures in life. Thanks for sharing this!

  5. Good Day Ross,

    Love the snow. I live in Las Vegas but I have lived in North Dakota, Michigan, New York, DC, Alexandria, VA, and Denver. Love me some snow. Now I don’t want Michigan or North Dakota snow. Just enough to last for a few days and maybe a blizzard now and then. I always loved the distinct change of seasons.

    I do know what a carriage house is. I am just not used to seeing them on the side of a house. In the back yes.

    Have a great weekend. Get into some trouble. Wink! Wink!


  6. Christmas card photo there…just need to edit out a few signs!! How beautiful is Cross house in the snow and that gorgeous red tree on the corner of the lot!

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