The Cross House

Time Travel


The Cross House, Emporia, designed by architect Charles M. Squires.


The Cross House by Charles. W. Squires.
Circa 1900.


Circa 1910.


The Cross House, circa 1950, as the Palace Motel. I love this image.
Circa 1953.


The Cross House, 1999. More images at the end of this post.


When I purchased the house, March 2014.
March 2014.


Summer 2014.


Summer 2014.
Fall 2014.


Inching some more!
January 2015.


April 2015.
April 2015.

7 Responses to Time Travel

  1. I had forgotten that there was a fire escape from the third floor (the metal stair that can be seen in the 1999 and 2014 photos. Ross, did you take that down? It must have been a project — just one of the many you’ve pulled off since you started reviving the house.

    • Yes, I had the fire escape removed. It made the house look like a slum house! Luckily, the previous owner, Bob, had a use for it, so he removed it and hauled it away!

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