The Cross House

Tin Updates!


I did a post about discovering that there were originally five medallions under the triple arched windows on the north facade, as shown in an original drawing. The medallions are long gone.


In a previous
All excited, I ordered these from WF Norman. Just $10 each! WAY cheaper than having custom medallions made.


Then Mark from WF Norman emailed. He found a small stash of custom-made medallions, left over from a previous job, which he thought I might really like. They only had, amazingly, five. Did I want them? Also $10 each. YES! These medallions look kinda like what is shown in the 1894 drawing! I love that Mark, who is incredibly busy, made the effort for this TINY matter.




See the columns? See the bases at the columns? Two were missing. I never gave much thought to replacing them. I mean, how? But then I fell in love with WF Norman and their wondrous abilities. So, I asked: can you create two for me?


And their reply. WHOEE!!!!!!!!




I did a post about the long-lost finial on the tower of the carriage house. I have a faint image, and an 1894 drawing of it. I promised getting a better image of the drawing. And here it is! The image however indicates, as Bo noticed, a different weathervane. It looks like a squiggle. And I like squiggles.





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  1. Those medallions will look great installed. Are there a lot of house parts stored away in the basement or attic?

  2. WOW totally lucky on those finds of the custom medallions!! and for so cheap! These few write ups, really make me want to add some tin work to my places but I just don’t know where….I really would like to add a custom stamped tin roof to the church but that would cost more then 10$ lol Its amazing to see an artisan selling items for such reasonable prices!!

  3. So many things about the Cross House and carriage house are magical. That weather vane would be magical, too.

    Speaking of magic, my daughter and I are writing a story about a magic house. Maybe we should use the Cross House as our model. You are creating magic there!

  4. Reading your posts sends my heart soaring. You are doing such an amazing job on this beautiful house, and your writing compliments that. Thank you for sharing!

  5. I was wondering…… How many gallons of paint is it going to take paint “My Dream Home”….(your cross house)? It makes my heart smile that you are taking such good care of her❣

  6. Ross, How do the medallions get installed? Are they supposed to be soldered onto bare metal? Or riveted and then soldered?

  7. I thinked the same: Magic! And remembered Ross today, looking at one of Kelly’s ODH. Medallions galore in the main indoor staircase. Beautifull!

  8. I notice the end of the tail of the weathervane looks a lot like those finial things on the peaks of the dormers. – intentional? probably as that’s my favorite thing about these mansions is that they were designed to be harmonious down to the tiny details.

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