The Cross House

Treasures from Megan

A while back I did a post about needing a number of corner blocks for the Cross House windows and doors trim. Amazingly, Megan wrote in and said she had nine such blocks.


Then this week a box arrived.

Inside? The nine magical blocks!


The blocks were caked with paint. But some paint stripper worked wonders.


Thanks, Megan! BIG hug!!!!!!!!



10 Responses to Treasures from Megan

    • They were mass produced items, readily available from any good lumberyard. Finding them still in good shape is another thing, mind you.

  1. This is such a happy story. Ross, all the forces of the universe are working together to help you put your house together. Megan, thank you for your generous, kind gift. You are making CRoss house great again.

  2. Thank-you for starting my day with a smile. (I don’t usually have my computer up and running when the posts go out.) I love it when things work out.

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