The Cross House

Two Google Views. Plus 1.

September 2012.


February 2016. This is two years after I purchased the house. In this image none of the secondary roofs have been redone. The restored upper windows are not in place in the octagon tower. The diamond windows in the dormer have not been recreated. The finial on the octagon tower is missing. The round tower finial has not been restored. The 1894 trim under the center arched window has not been recreated. None of the 1894 porch railings have been reinstalled. However, all twelve of the west porch columns have been reinstated or recreated!


March 2017.



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  1. Too funny you are posting Google Views today. I was just looking at your house via Google this morning! (Looking at a house down the street that was/is for sale.)

  2. Ross, can you PLEASE paint and install the section of lattice under the installed railing?!? I’m DYING to see the visual!!

      • the last pic. the uppermost trim piece of the cornice. there seems to be a piece of the profile that is missing from one 2-3 foot section

          • You mean the trim above the middle, top window of the cornice?

            If so, that is a metal bullnose. It is indeed missing.

            This bullnose detail is missing is other sections, too, and is highly dented all over the house. I got an estimate to repair it. Then I had a heart attack.

  3. The house is looking amazing Ross. I like your color scheme so much more than the blue, cream, and red. Your colors go so well with the stone and the new roofing makes a huge difference too. Taking the time to recreate the missing trim under the arched window makes it all look complete. Keep up the good work!

  4. Cross House is looking very elegant!

    I think Nathan was referring to a spot on round tower in the middle where the light hit a particular section differently. It does not look like it is missing; just looks different in 2017 photo compared to 2016.

  5. Your house is gloriously shining on the last picture. Stunning, really.

    I’m always amazed at the beautiful work you do and just can’t help myself checking your blog everyday with a bit of disapointement when no new post is there, but always excited on Mondays because weekend often equals to many new posts 🙂

    Before I read your blog I had not thought of priming + double layering paint. I sanded-painted my fence 2 years ago, the wood is now rotting and the paint is chipping away because not thick and protective enough. I’ll have to do it all again, new wood, sand-prime-paint. If only I had known before!

    Plus you make me want to try things at my level, embellishing our stone barn (Loire Valley, France) by sanding, priming, painting the main door, painting a new coming muntins window. And also restore another muntins casement window on a shed, doing the whole sanding, putty, glass, primer-paint round.

  6. Ross I love looking at these pictures. You and the Cross House are a match made in heaven. You two are perfect for each other. Now that I’m retired, I would love to drive to Emporia to see this amazing house. Was thinking either in May or September. Please let me know what time frame would work for you. Thanks

  7. Just Beautiiful Ross! Have to admit, I am a stalker on your site. I can’t wait for posts, but just never comment. You’re my hero! You’re doing what I have always dreamed of doing.

  8. I’m so glad you are taking on this huge labor of love! I wish you all the best! I’m so glad someone recommended looking at your FB page — I know I’ll keep coming back to see all the wonderful changes. I hope to be in Emporia for a little while this summer, so I’ll drive by to get a “real” view. Again, I wish you well in your Gi-nourmous endeavor! I hope you’re finding some kind of grant money or other help with the expenses so you’ll actually be able to finish it out. Blessings to you!

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