The Cross House

Two Years Ago

AUGUST 2014. I just found these images in my photo file. EEK! Want more scary? Click on the images. Then again. They enlarge.




AUGUST 2016. Whew!





8 Responses to Two Years Ago

  1. This image gives me time to pause, take a DEEP BREATH and RELAX in the satisfaction that you, Ross, know exactly how to properly restore this crown jewel of Emporia. No longer does my heart ache when I look upon it. My heart now feels peace and jubilation with your handiwork. THANK YOU from the bottom of my (and Emporia’s) heart!

  2. I just found your blog through a youtube video “An Old House Love Story: How One Man is Saving a 9,000 sq. ft. Victorian Fixer-Upper”. This is a great story and I love that you have kept this blog up. So many fun things to find in the old houses.

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