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Wanna Freak Out?

In May of 2016, the fabulous Kelly from Old House Dreams posted an incredible Spanish-style house built in 1930, in San Fransisco, and owned by the same family ever since. The house was GORGEOUS and rich with luscious OMG details. The listing description stated that the home was “waiting for the next owner who will lovingly restore it to its original beautiful state.” And who wouldn’t treasure such an opportunity?


Well, one total ass did not. This total ass gutted the entire house and created an of-the-moment open plan so beloved by TV makeover shows. This should be illegal. All this was done to flip the house for resale.


This lavender wonder is to-die-for. But it was, with nary a thought, thrown away.


And the total ass thought, really, that this banality was an improvement. A thinking mind is boggled at the idiocy.


Kelly has a lot more images.

Be prepared to weep. And rage.



11 Responses to Wanna Freak Out?

  1. Well, we Americans do tend to tear down things the least bit outdated, all in the name of modernization, then travel overseas to ooh and aah over the historic places and buildings there.

  2. I rehab houses for a living. Part of the fun is maintaining and restoring the historic elements. It kills me when people think that new is better.

  3. I really truly don’t get it. Why not just buy a new house? I guess that’s not an option in some areas- but I’m sure that there are plenty of beat down houses that are not so lovingly kept in original state that he could’ve done this to! I mean, really if you are going to gut the place anyway? Save one that truly needs it – don’t mess with an original beauty. They are so rare these days.

  4. Why bother?! Why not just buy a modern house? FFS. Also I hate open concept with the passion of a thousand christs. I hate it any house, but especially this one. Congratulations, morons! You ruined history.

  5. Open concepts are for poor people. Unless it’s a custom built, spectacular mid century ranch that was built for rich people.

  6. Well, I just looked at all of Kelly’s images and honestly, I feel a little nauseated. We live in such a “throw away” world where you toss a perfectly good I-phone to get the latest update-just because you can. Somehow an appreciation for historical skills and workmanship has just disappeared. I, too despise open concept and can’t believe someone traded all those beautiful historical elements; still standing the test of time, for all that monochromatic rubbish. I guess your friends would feel right at home in your “new” house because theirs probably looks just like it! They all look the same to me. I have to wonder if they salvaged anything at all or just demo’d the heck out of it. My heart breaks, especially for that wonderful kitchen…there should be a penalty for this!

  7. Ross, I might be changing the subject here, but I wonder if you saw this listing on Kelly’s OHD site. Check it out.

    I am wondering if this might be one of your Mr Squires’ houses. It certainly isn’t on the scale of your house, but some of the elements are there; the eyebrow window in the front gable, the rough-cut stone foundation, the lap siding on the first floor with shingles on the second, etc. Some of the stained-glass is similar to yours as well…keeping in mind that this house was more of a middle class house rather than a mansion.

    • Hi Mike!

      I love that you have developed a Squires “eye”!

      I looked at the house, thank you. It certainly has signature Squires elements! And it could be by Squires.

      I have been developing a Squires rating system:

      A: Confirmed Squires.
      B: Almost certainly by Squires.
      C: Possible Squires.

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