The Cross House


Are you sitting down?

Is your seatbelt fastened?


I asked Zac to photo-shop several color ideas for me.

This all seemed perfectly reasonable. Perfectly reasonable.

Until I got the results.

Are you sitting down?

Is your seatbelt fastened?

OK! Now, scroll way down…





















This was my idea of gold columns, with Patricia’s salmon ceiling idea (although the color is not exactly as Patricia suggested).

Wow. This is terrifying.

I sent the image to Patrica. She shrieked.

And then we both had a good laugh. Geez! This is horrible!

And you will be pleased to know that the two gold columns I painted two days ago were repainted in green yesterday. Whew!

However…I still had the sense that something wasn’t right about the green columns. But I think I have the solution. Stay tuned to this channel!



4 Responses to Wanna…FREAK OUT?

  1. I’m loving the ceiling, as it anchors the roof. If that makes sense. Glad the gold is back to green. How fun to experiment with colour!

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