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Wanna Meet My Cat Fence? PART III

So…….I was pretty decided on charcoal. Then today…


…I found bronze. OMG! I love this color with the house! Look how close it is to the new shingles on the porch roof!


The fence will look like this, but with horizontal ribs rather than vertical. Note the total absence of poles and trim.Β 


Several readers are worried that the cats will be able to climb the metal fence by using the ribs as stairs.

This will not be possible, as decades of experience with metal fences has taught me.

I am planning to place an order this week for the metal! Squee!!!!!!!!



14 Responses to Wanna Meet My Cat Fence? PART III

  1. I like that a lot better than the black. Which I think would have been very hot in a Kansas summer. Looking forward to seeing the fence take shape — even if it does block the view of one of the prettiest bits of the house.

  2. Bronze – definitely! πŸ’–
    Too bad there has to be ribbing at all. A long expanse of cool, smooth bronze would be a great run up to the house.
    Regardless, it’s going to be the perfect modern foil to the jeweled olive house that Ross rebuilt. πŸ˜‰

  3. Folks may have already brought this up, but won’t the interior of the cat yard get hot with the dark metal and no cross ventilation? Do you have plans for any peep holes to keep them entertained, or a spot for a box fan to provide some air flow?? We had installed a cat door instead of glass into one of our basement window sashes, which led to an indoor kitty room – perhaps this would be something of use to you, if only for the rare tornado warning…

    • Stained glass peep holes!!!

      (And, yes. Air circulation will have to be a major concern with a solid fence. Any turf grass (and other plantings) will suffer, drastically!)

  4. OOH, bronze is very nice, isn’t it! That bit of warmth makes so much difference, and it complimenting the roof is very visually pleasing, so glad you found it. 😺 So the fence is going to follow your original intent of a sheet of fencing on either side of the posts then?

    Now then, how you’re holding that sample there, is the top edge of that, and where it cuts across the windows, in any way similar to where the top of the fence is going to be do you think? I’m wondering about how much of the house will actually be concealed by the fence. Particularly with you lighting the windows up at night.

    Just about all of the stained glass will probably still be visible, won’t it, apart from all of the triple north porch window? Oh, WAIT A MINUTE, I’m getting WAY ahead of things here aren’t I! the whole house isn’t going to be encased here, just one area for now. I need to go back to see what bit that’s going to be…


    Right, so if I’m understanding things rightly (and I’ll freely admit that’s often not the case) it’s going to be on the EAST side where this fencing happens? So, for those worried about a metal fence spoiling the look of the house, well, that’s kind of a moot point at present, it will actually benefit the house by hiding some of the current dilapidation of the east facade. WIN WIN. β€‹πŸ˜» ​

    Also, I’m feeling pretty pleased with myself for thinking to Google “a tale of four facades” to get me to that post easily. β€‹πŸ˜Έ ​

  5. The bronze is fabulous! With all the awful things happening right now, it feels so good to know that a bunch of us will have had a small part to help make this fence happen for you.

  6. how about a picture of your current fence to give those of us with visual imaging difficulty a taste of what it will look like.
    I like this stuff as roofing but i’m not sold on the fence but it ain’t my house and I won’t have to look at it so there you go. I appreciate the deep thought you put into it though.

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