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Wanna Meet My China Cabinet?

Recently, I closed the pocket doors in the dining room. A bit later I was vacuuming in the opposite corner, and when I looked over to the doors was struck by how beautiful the whole composition was. I never saw this before as the doors are always open. I love how the doors/trim kiss the adjacent china cabinet/trim, the whole becoming one. Before I purchased the house, a huge horizontal metal duct had been added on the ceiling for the AC, and all boxed in with sheetrock. This explains the hole above the china cabinet. This new soffit just destroyed the room architecturally, so I removed it STAT (deblighting!), and rather brilliantly relocated it without any assault upon the architecture of the house. I am pretty sure I will get extra points for this when I get to Heaven. Over to left you can see the Lincrusta wainscoting which circles the room. Over to the right are the white quartz slabs to the fist-floor bath. They have been sitting there for two years. I thought they would be there but a few months. Sigh. One point deducted in Heaven.


Fabulous hinges! The swag detail is a favorite of the architect, Charles Squires, and he used it extensively on his own house a block away. I also love the eccentric beaded detail. I am dying to know what finish lurks under the decades of browned shellac.


The door has a huge beveled edge. I also enjoy how the glass picks up the stained-glass windows. These windows are soon to depart for restoration!!!!!!!!


Mimicking the china cabinet is the overmantel. Its mirror also has a huge beveled edge. While the mantel itself is, I believe, from a catalog, the overmantel was designed by Squires.




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  1. Golly! Those hinges are amazing! Any idea of what they are made? I wouldn’t worry too much about the slabs being there longer than expected…patience is a virtue after all.

  2. I love the pocket doors the wood is amazing, the hinges are works of art. I think that your house and all old houses were complete works of art every detail etched into the walls making up these homes. I think I heard you say in an interview a house is a house, But these old Homes And I do stress homes are for family, friends, memories if those walls could talk oh my goodness the stories we would here.

  3. I love looking back at posts when a new comment posts by persons stumbling into the blog. I apparently used to mark “all.” It’s fun to reminisce about all the features I’ve seen in person. Dining room & china cabinet my favorite -all the details! Wondrous to focus on individually & overwhelming in person:-)
    Just so very beautiful!!!

  4. As others have said, I’m working my way through the Cross house as an exercise in sanity. An amazing place but more so an amazing man to take on the level of work needed. Thank you for letting us JMG’ers see the spectacular work you are doing to save a treasure.

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