The Cross House



Circa-1932. This is the only image I have showing the long-lost sphere finial on the octagon tower. (Courtesy Mouse Family archives.)


But, lost no more! ZOUNDS!


I had some small concerns about the finial, but realized that it would first be a good idea to put the finial atop the tower. Justin bravely offered to inch along the built-in gutters with the finial in hand, and plop it in place. I stood on the street, bravely, taking images.

And I am THRILLED! My small concerns vanished in an instant. The finial looks perfect.


This week I will get it painted, along with the turret finial, and soon, my little pretties, soon, both will be installed!





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  1. As more and more of the house gets the new color scheme, I realize just how atrocious the white and red looks on the tin detailing. All your hard work is making such a beautiful difference on the house.

    • Thank you!

      In person, all the elaborate detailing is highly visible, even though it, and its background, are now all of one color, as they were in 1894.

      The detailing normally does not show up on camera.

      The house looks totally different with the newer color scheme, and, I think, more substantial somehow.

      The older scheme (from about 2002) was influenced by the “painted lady” look which was created by hippies in the 1960s who were reviving “gloomy old Victorians”. I recall being thrilled by this when I was ten. I feel a bit differently at fifty-nine.

  2. That really turned out well, a “perfect” match. Just curious, I notice the columns appear to be painted in the old pic in the siding color with the darker trim color as an accent towards the top. Is there a reason you decided to paint the columns all one color?

    • In the older image above, you are looking at likely the fourth color scheme on the house.

      The original color scheme had the columns the opposite: dark columns (trim color) with light capital (wall color). I tried this but it looked funny. The capitals appeared not “heavy” enough to hold the weight of the roof.

  3. Slightly random and I’m sure down the road but what landscaping ideas do you have? I was noticing all the evergreens on the older pic and I just started wondering. Ahhh wondering. What keeps those who restore old houses pressing on. ?

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