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Why I Can’t Get Anything Done!

EVERY time I leave my desk chair, when I return I am confronted with…

(scroll down)






















…THIS! And you can hear her thinking: WHAT? It’s all warm and comfy. WHAT is your problem?



6 Responses to Why I Can’t Get Anything Done!

  1. Naw, Gray has a larger than life personality doesn’t she. She’s very cute. How can you possibly move such a cute cat!

    My problem lately is my cat doesn’t like me sleeping. Everytime I start to dooze off it is apparently cuddle time. Preceeded by playing piano on my belly. The putting her head under my hand then sitting on my pillow and head in order to illicit pats. Very cute but not sleep inducing.

  2. Ohhhhhhh, it’s so nice that you make the effort to prewarm her chair for her!

    Same here, if I move them too much, they might start to sit on my keyboard, absolutely content, as if asking “Human- anything you need to see there????”

    So usually I end up with 6.5 kilos purring furball in my left arm typing one-handed, which does not speed up things either.

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