Why Kelly is Sooooooo Sweet!

My favorite blog is Old House Dreams, which was created by Kelly.

To me, Kelly is a Goddess. She created Old House Dreams from nothing, and built the site into one which now receives a million page views a months. Zounds! This is truly incredible.

Old House Dreams (OHD) is the most fabulous place to ogle over old houses. Sooooooo many houses and all of them luscious.

What I particularly like about OHD is how…curated the site is. I cannot express enough how important this is. Kelly has a very particular eye, and this informs each house selected. And her eye delights me.

Last weekend Kelly featured the Cross House and RestoringRoss.com in her Friday post. Oddly, I did not even realize this until today!

I was doing an analytics on why my site stats (how many people visited restoringRoss.com) increased 500% this past weekend. The answer? Kelly!







  1. Carla Minosh on February 26, 2016 at 5:02 pm

    Congrats! Another feather in your hat, and so well-deserved. BTW, I just had time to listen to your interview with CIRCA — after all of our on-line communication, it was SO COOL to hear your voice! You did a great job with the interview, and are doing such an amazing job on your blog and with the house. Always a great read! I keep looking at the map, wondering if I can find an excuse to be driving by Emporia for a drop-in. From one insane old-house person to another…keep on doing what you do! It’s just so far from Danville, Virginia… 🙁


    • Ross on February 26, 2016 at 7:04 pm


      Thank you or your kind comments.

      You are always welcome at the Cross House! And I give a very good tour!

      [Note to readers: Carla and her husband, Tom, are doing an astounding incredible mind-blowing job on their big old house. Carla blogs about the effort, and her posts are funny and informative.]

  2. Montana Channing on March 3, 2016 at 10:14 pm

    damn – carla’s house must be 4 times the square footage of the cross house. what a project. i also went and watched the you tube video on the Jedediah Wilcox house. what a place and what a loss. all that artistry never to happen again.

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