The Cross House

Windows! Reappearing! Everywhere!


September 2014. Note how all the window sashes are out (being restored), and temporarily replaced with plexiglass.


February 2015. Please ignore the Christmas tree lights STILL up.


Note the second-floor of the round tower. Look, TWO restored windows now back in place! TWO! And things of great beauty they be (particularly when you consider what they used to look like).

Note the third-floor of the round tower. Look, THREE restored windows now back in place! THREE!

Whoee!!!!!!! It is amazing how the house looks so much more…complete with the sashes back.

I love black sashes (the original color of the Cross House sashes). This used to be the default color a long time ago but hardly anybody does black today.

The glass in the huge curved window on the first-floor got broken. The opening is now filled with black-trimmed plexiglass. The wood sash was also rotted; it is being remade. Then we can order the curved glass. Not cheap! By summer, I hope, the big window will be back in all its glorious and impressively-scaled curveness.

Between the windows on the second-floor should be a stained-glass window. It has been restored, and I am waiting for the glazing to dry. Then I can paint the sash, and put the window back in place.

So, this many windows down, only 4,653 left to go!

5 Responses to Windows! Reappearing! Everywhere!

  1. Ross: I discovered your blog today, and I’m so happy to see what you’ve done to bring this beautiful house back to life. I’m from Emporia, and I visited the house several times in the late 1970s and early 1980s, when a friend had an apartment there. Thank you, thank you, thank you for making this jewel shine again.

  2. So I know this comment is 4+ years after the fact, but as I am just now making this journey with you as I go through all your posts from the beginning, I just have to give a big, HOORAY!!! The stained glass brings me such excitement!

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