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Ziggy Stardust in the House

I was a HUGE fan of David Bowie when I was a teenager, and the very first concert I went to in 1974 was to see Bowie in Tampa, Florida. All these decades later I still vividly recall the thrill. Bowie’s death in 2016 was a shock to me, as it was to millions of fans.


So, I am quite delighted with this unusual memorial to to Bowie, now hanging up on the second-floor landing of the 1894 Cross House. I came across the sentence online, and it moved me. I had it blown up and framed. The frame is huge, about 5-feet wide. In time, the frame will rest against the recreated 1894 wallpaper for the stair-hall.


I have often stated that I have no desire to live with a period-correct decor. Rather, I want the decor of the house to reflect 123-years of design and history. So, this memorial piece to David Bowie, hanging in a house built in 1894, pleases me greatly.

I suspect Mr. Bowie would have also been pleased with the unusual juxtaposition.


You are missed.




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  1. Howdy Ross! I had the pleasure of seeing this blow-up in person, yesterday morning! Again – thank you for the 15 min (impromptu) tour. You are an exquisite human being!

  2. I love the way you plan to decorate and I wish more people would look at older homes this way. I love antiques, old homes, Victoriana and all that jazz buttttt I can’t live in a home with period Victorian settees and chairs. I don’t want to destroy the originality of a home or room…I don’t want to paint wood work, rip out original floors or remove walls but I want the room to flow together and look as though one family has been here a 150 years. I don’t want bed n breakfast or grandmas house with plastic covers…just usable, safe to sit in, comfortable and blending together pieces. Its harder then people think…

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