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A Subtle Update

The other day, I posted this image. Then eagle-eyed Cody wrote in asking about the color above the left curved window. The trim panel above the window is all green. But the trim panel on the RIGHT curved window is green swirls on a color #5 background. Cody wondered which direction I was going in, color wise.


And the answer.



10 Responses to A Subtle Update

  1. Cody has a good eye! I didn’t notice the difference at all.

    I like that you’ve gone with the two-color approach. It brings out the swirl design, which otherwise might get lost behind the green corner decorations, while also drawing my eye to the corners. Very clever.

  2. That is subtle, but helps emphasize the brackets by providing a bit of subdued contrast behind them. With the solid green, they faded into the shadow, but with the lighter color, they are more distinct and defined. It’s a nice touch!

  3. Damn, when I saw this I sat here, not letting myself scroll down, saying to myself “Is it… is it?” willing it to be the eyebrow window. Silly of me I know because that’s surely going to get more of a drum roll than being called subtle, I should have known better. 😆

    Lovely to see that last little bit of trim repainted, now you just need to hop on up there and do the eye ​😏

  4. I SEE THE LIGHT! The beautiful chandelier is SO pretty in the top picture, I cannot believe I am the first to comment on it! It all looks so nice.

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