The Cross House

Irving is Back!!!!!!!!

Last year, I discovered that a bat was tucked into an almost hidden recess above one of the curved dining room windows.

This prevented me from painting in the immediate area. Then the bat, quite graciously, moved over to the other curved window, allowing me to finish the first curved window.

This year, I have climbed up the ladder several times, curious to see if the bat was still in residence.

But…no bat. Sigh. I like the idea of a bat protecting the Cross House.

The other day, I again climbed up the ladder to finish painting the decorative panel above the eastern-most curved window. While happily painting away, and with an Audible book playing on the headset, I was soon to be a bit startled.


The bat was back!


Squeezed behind the bracket.


I have decided that his name is Irving.

And I am thrilled that he’s back.


12 Responses to Irving is Back!!!!!!!!

  1. 💗 Irving will protect the house in many ways. Since she/he will eat millions of mosquitoes and other insect pests, it’s only proper to consider this fellow mamal to be a stealthy attribute to this lovely home. 🌻

  2. I’m in the middle of demo/construction myself this summer, and a few days ago my husband brought me coffee at 4AM (when there is no life before coffee) and I’m sitting there, blurrily waiting for life to begin when I saw something dark near the ceiling, coming toward me.

    It then vanished. Like magic.

    SO, I’m groggily thinking “Huh? Am I seeing things? Maybe I have a new floater in my eye?”

    And my husband says, from the livingroom “Ummm… there’s something in here!”

    And I, relieved, said “It’s a bat”

    It flew in circles all over our little house, then my husband open the door, and it flew out.

    We both agreed it was checking out the work I’m doing, and obviously approved, since he/she didn’t get stuck in the house in a panic.

    I love bats.

  3. I was wondering if your happy bat had made an appearance this year.

    Hi, Irving! You look very cozy… and sleepy. Thanks for the mosquito control!

  4. I’m sure you know, that any many cultures bats are good luck and tied to longevity. Great bug eaters too, if that is the kind you have. I’m glad Irving is back too!!

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